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About | Adam Fish | Portrait and Product Photographer | Dallas TX



I appreciate you coming to my work and wanting to read a little blurb about me. First a disclaimer I hate self promotion. There I said it. Now let me get right into the business of doing just that.

I’ve been in the business of photography since 1998. I received my BFA in photography from UNT in 1999, assisted for various photographers in NYC for 2 years before starting my business in Dallas in 2002. You can see my client page for a general list of the companies I’ve shot projects on 3 different continents and shot everything from bugs for Orkin to a diet book with Alex Bogusky. I’ve shot on cars, buses, planes, boats, helicopters, trains, subways in rain, snow and sunny days. At the beach, mountain, desert, city, country and the suburbs. Sports, fashion, portraits, interiors, exteriors, food and products. Big budgets and small I’ve shot it all.

At this juncture in my career I’ve learned a few things. I’m passionate about people starting with my family first then friends and those I’ve yet to meet. I’m passionate about doing my job with excellence. Lastly, I’m passionate about deep conversations and great coffee.

I’ve learned that for Adam Fish social media is an email, text or phone call. So if you’re looking to learn more about me or how I can help you please drop me a line and let’s talk. My preference would be over coffee. 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon!