Introductions Ladies Restroom Photography By Adam Fish Fotography at

If you’ve ever worked with Adam, then you know one thing to be true – he’s a man of few words. In fact we joke that he has a max of 15 spoken words a day. This makes writing a blog undesirable to say the least. So how does a man that dislikes self-promotion and talking share new work with others? 

One – He hires new representation. Welcome Carissa Nickel of Nickel & Associates; we’re so glad you’re a part of the team.

Two – He asks his wife, Brooke Fish, to take care of his social media. 

There you have it. Word reduction in two easy steps. And now Adam is surrounded by ladies/women that will take care of his “dirty laundry” so that he can once again focus on what he does best – shooting. Recently Adam has been busy shooting for Rave Cinema, F!D Luxe, Brand Hatchery, Triumph and more. We’ll be back later with some images/outtakes from those shoots. Until then… catch up on Adam’s daily inspiration via Instagram.