What does it cost?     

The expense of treating blood cancers

Average one night stay at the hospital    $990-$1350 

Surgery to put in a Port-A-Cath    $1,560 

(a port-a-cath is a devise inserted  

under the skin to make the  

adminstration of chemotherapy easier.) 


Initial Stay at Diagnosis for 6 nights: 

 6 days at $990       $5,940.00 

 Special nursing          $120.00 

 Surgery Services        $1,873.80 

 Lab            $5,407.35 

 Radiology            $310.60 

 Pharmacy         $1,733.00 

 Supplies         $2,775.85 

 Emergency           $241.90 

 Lab Work         $1,628.20 

 Cardiology            $838.40 

 Professional Fees           $385.30 


TOTAL COST:            $21,255.20  


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