The # 3 squared project. I will be eating my 3 meals in 3 consecutive days from 3 different fast food establishments. Breakfast lunch and dinner.

This is a project that I decided to revisit. The idea is based on the old nutrional concept of 3 square meals a day. The square being one food from the four basic food groups in every meal.

These groups were:

“The Meat Group” – meats, poultry, fish, dry beans and peas, eggs, and nuts;
”The Dairy Group” – milk, cheese, and yogurt; “The Grain Group” – bread, pasta, cereal, “Fruits and Vegetables”

I have mapped out the fast food restaurants that I will be eating at based on several criteria.

  1. Using the “Most Preferred Fast Food Chains list that I got from Experian Simmons (see graph).
  2. Must be able to verbally order from the menu by saying this phrase “Number 3 please” the please is optional.
  3. Eateries must be within 4 square miles of my house.
Number 3 Squared Experian Simmons QSR Rankings Most Preferred Fast Food Chains April 2009 --  Photography By Adam Fish Fotography at

Number #3 Squared Food Groups -- Photography By Adam Fish Fotography at

Which leads us to the list. The 2009 #3 squared fast food eateries. In order of distance from my home.

  1. Wendy’s .54 miles 11711 E Northwest Hwy
  2. Taco Bell .60 miles 9820 Kingsley Rd
  3. Mc Donald’s 2.3 miles 11325 Pegasus St
  4. Arby’s 2.52 miles 9215 Skillman St
  5. Burger King 2.87 miles 11404 E Northwest Hwy
  6. Sonic 2.87 miles 9609 Plano Rd
  7. KFC 2.99 miles 6520 E Northwest Hwy
  8. Long John Silvers 3.39 miles 9375 Forest Ln
  9. Chick Fil A 3.39 miles 9386 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy

3 photos will be taken

1. I will be photographing the meal before consumption as was presented to me by cashier with the addition of any napkins straws or ketchup needed.

2. Meal rearranged and presented by me in order to best show food.

3. Finished meal…wrappers and food scraps akimbo.


I will be compiling staticistical data from each meal. Nutrional information and price per meal.


You can follow my progress and see the results by checking back here on my blog.